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Of writers, for writers, by writers.

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Inspiracy is a writing tool. It is a community of writers helping each other write. A place where, hopefully, you can become inspired to start, work on, or finish projects.

Things you're allowed to do include the following:

-Post chapters or segments for review. Be warned that if you do post a segment, whether you ask for criticism or not, you'll probably get it, so if you don't want it, don't post.

-Ask for inspiration to break through a plot wall. When you write yourself into a corner, or just don't know where to go from there, ask for help here.

-Ask for plot hole fixes, or post for assistance on creating plot.

-Get help for creating characters, storylines, or even coming up with titles, names, religions, cultures, or anything you may need for your development process.

-Give information regarding resources, things that work for you, or basic writer's assistance. This includes writer's columns (things like weekly articles on character creation, for example).

-Anything that pertains directly to writing or the art of doing so.


-If you are posting story segments, please put them behind an LJ cut. Also, please do this if it gets so wordy that you need to scroll a couple pages before hitting the end, even if it's not story. To LJ cut, use [lj-cut text="link text"] post [/lj-cut] and replace the brackets for the html greater and less than symbols.

-If you are writing in a particular fandom, please say so, so that people of that fandom can find your stuff.

-You do not need to post ratings for your stories, but if it's got some explicit material (sex, violence, etc) please give a warning so that people who don't want to see it won't.

-If you are editing or critiquing somebody's work, please be thourough but polite. Constructive criticism should never be degrading, or the purpose of it is defeated. Also, please don't respond with things like, "It's good, I like it." If it's good and you like it, explain why, or what details you liked about it. If it's bad, tell them why and suggest how to fix it. Remember, the point of constructive criticism is to tell them what they're doing right so they can keep doing it, and what they're doing wrong so they can fix it. Not to make them feel bad for sharing their work.

-If you're the one being critiqued, don't get upset because somebody doesn't like it and told you that you had to fix something. Be mature and take all constructive criticism as a learning tool to improve yourself. It isn't personal and don't take it as such.

-Please use the title of your story as your subjectline. This makes it easier to find your work in the archives, in case you or somebody else feels the need to look back through. If it has no title, give it a working title (which may be noted as such with a WT, if you want), or just use something so it can be identified by subject as the same story. If you're not posting about a story in particular, make sure your subject line indicates what you want. If you're asking for ideas because you want to conceptualize, or if you want character names or ideas, say so.

-If you have full versions of stories that this community has helped you create, feel free to post the links here, so we can see your finshed product. Please do not post the finished product itself on this community. It is for stories in development only, not for showcasing your work.

-Be polite and play nice.

Above all, DO NOT STEAL OTHER PEOPLE'S WORK. It is rude, upsetting, and just generally not nice. Please don't do it.

All works are copyright their specified creators and/or posters.

Inspiracy is by no means meant to usurp little_details, but rather to be used in conjunction with it. Little_details is for the minor things you need to know. Inspiracy is for the major things you need to do.

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